AYF Alumni & Friends
Alumni association of the Academic Year in Freiburg program (formerly Junior Year in Freiburg)

As alumni of the Academic Year in Freiburg program and founding members of AYF Alumni & Friends e.V., we strive to support the AYF program in fostering intercultural exchange and an appreciation of American and German cultural differences and similarities.

The support we received from the AYF program was vital to our successful study abroad experiences, language study and cultural integration in Germany. We wish to pay this forward by supporting AYF and its student participants. By doing so, we hope that current and future generations of AYFers will also be able to develop an appreciation for Freiburg and the German way of life.

Alumni -- Club Gründungsversammlung 2015

Founding members of AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. from left to right: Karin Jors (07-08), Brendan Ryan (13-14), Brian Emard (07-08), Daniel Hefflebower (08-09), Sarah Mamer (08-09), Kyle Egerer (08-09), Ally Mahlau (10-11), Joey Marshment-Howell (11-12), Kim Mueller (00-01).

Established in Freiburg in late 2015, AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. is recognized in Germany as a registered non-profit civic organization (eingetragener Verein). Member meetings are held monthly in Freiburg, and anyone interested in joining us is welcome to attend. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

The primary goals of AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. are:

The Board Members of AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. are:

You can read more about our structure and goals in the Bylaws of the AYF Alumni and Friends e.V. (PDF in German).